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My mother-a devoted teacher

Mira Kathuria Purohit had her early education in Presentation Convent, Delhi, MGD, Jaipur and Hindu College, Delhi. She is a Pediatrician, having pursued her medical studies in SMS Medical College, Jaipur. She served in Rajasthan Government devoting her working career to treating children and teaching budding doctors to treat kids. She retired as a Professor, and now leads a retired life in Jaipur.

Savitri Kathuria and her husband
Savitri Hooja Kathuria, my mother, and Jairatan Kathuria leaving Lahore for Karachi shortly after their wedding in March 1942.

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Memories of youthful days in pre-Independence Punjab

Indira Pasricha was born on 17 January 1917 in Sidhpur in Multan district. She studied in Kinnaird College, Lahore. She married Prem Pasricha on 28 April 1940 in Lahore. She was a social worker and played an active role in saving Sikhs during the riots in 1984 in New Delhi. She was an active member of the women’s wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party. She and her husband Prem Pasricha helped the tribals in Orissa in setting up the Ekal Vidyalaya and eye camps.

Neera Burra, a sociologist, has a Ph.D. from the Delhi School of Economics. As Assistant Resident Representative at the U.N. Development Programme, India for several years, her focus was issues related to gender, poverty and environment. She has published extensively on the issue of child labour in India, including Born to Work: Child Labour in India Oxford University Press in 1997. Her most recent book is A Memoir of pre-Partition Punjab. Ruchi Ram Sahni 1863-1948 Oxford University Press 2017. A great granddaughter of Ruchi Ram Sahni, she maintains a blog about him

Editor's note: Indira Pasricha dictated this story just five days before her death in May 2017 to her niece, Neera Burra. Indira was 100 years old when she passed away.

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Dreams of my mother Aruna(Dutt) Shah,1921-1989

Amit is a semi-retired publishing executive and owner of Green Comma, a service company for education and social-impact nonprofits. He lives in Somerville, MA, with his wife, Pam, and three cats. His two sons, Arnav, 27, and Simon, 21, did not ever get to meet their gentle grandmother, Aruna (Dutt) Shah.

Ma, as I called my mother, was 95 on April 14th, 2016. I cannot imagine what she’d be like physically. She died when she was 68.

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A Resolute Self-sacrificing Woman by M. W. Potdar

M W Potdar

Magan Potdar retired in 1985 as Superintending Engineer of the Bhakra Nangal dam, and is proud to have contributed to the building of what Prime Minister Nehru called as one India’s modern temples. After retirement, he lived in Pune with his wife Suman. He passed away in 2015.

She sacrificed everything for her son – her only child. In this materialistic world of today, one would be hard-pressed to believe that such a person actually lived.

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Tipubai - Motherhood and beyond

Jitendra Sanghvi

Jitendra (Jeet) Sanghvi is a Registered Professional Engineer. He enjoys professional work as Mortgage/Construction Loan Manager in the credit arm of a multinational automotive manufacturer. Jeet resides in Metropolitan Detroit. Jeet is also a fitness and healthy food enthusiast, and enjoys reading and travelling. He is a member of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit, where he teaches Jainism basics to Middle School children at the temple on Sundays.

Author's note: This is my attempt to write a brief document on the life of my Paternal Aunt Mrs. Tipubai Sanghvi, born more than 100 years ago. I have researched events that happened during the time and used my memories growing up in a joint family, having heard anecdotal stories of events that happened during and in my Aunt's life and witnessed certain incidents. If I have inadvertently, omitted or modified any occasions in the write up, I ask for the readers' forgiveness in advance.

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