Memories of Mysore

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Editor's note: This is a listing of stories related to Mysore.


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M P V Shenoi

The bullock cart salesman in Mysore

Chikka Narsappa

How Dalda mesmerised us in the 1940s

Navamaniyamma: The jovial stork that came walking

Capturing and Taming Wild Elephants (as told by Ali)

Medical Services (?) in Princely Mysore

Shamu, our barber in Mysore

Buddan Sahib and the Mysore Tonga

Seethamma Madam and My Mother: A Tale of Two Widows

Life around Kukkarhalli tank Mysore in the 1940s

A Fun Bus Journey in Tough Times

Memories of Independence Day and Grandfather by M. P. V. Shenoi

A Memorable Mix of Grammar and Football

WW II Rice-Wheat Nonfermented Dosa


Bapu Satyanarayana

Ramanna, 105, "Not out"

Growing up in Princely Mysore

Growing up in Princely Mysore -2


T S Nagarajan

My Early Years - 1

My Early Years - 2

Memories of a Diva


T S Satyan

Once upon a time, during the Quit India Movement


K. S. Krishnaswamy

Early Years in Mysore


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M P V Shenoi

Rami and the immersion of Mahatma Gandhi's ashes


T S Nagarajan

My Early Years - 3

Number 2898, Saraswatipuram


Bridget White-Kumar

Memories of my family and of weddings in Kolar Gold Fields

My mother's White's Yellow Coconut Rice, Mince Ball Curry (Kofta Curry) and Devil Chutney

Grandma Maud White's Country Captain Chicken


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