My parents’ wedding - 1931

Reginald Massey



Reginald Massey

Reginald was born in Lahore before Partition. He writes books on various subjects pertaining to South Asia. A former London journalist, he now lives in Mid Wales with his actor wife Jamila. His latest book is Shaheed Bhagat Singh and the Forgotten Indian Martyrs, Abhinav Publications, New Delhi. A member of the Society of Authors, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Ed. Note: Mr. Massey's recorded memoirs of 1947 are available here in the UK National Archives. Another recording is available here.

Wedding of John and Mary Massey.  Catholic Church on Empress Road, Lahore.  1931.

My father, John Massey, was from a landowning Sikh family which had accepted Christ. They were Protestants. Read more about them here.

His best friend was one Sunny Massie, who had an unmarried woman cousin, aged 19. My father was then about 25 years old.

And it was Sunny who arranged the wedding negotiations.

My mother's family, originally Muslims, were Catholics. Read more about them here.

So my father had to first convert to Catholicism before he could get married. A Belgian priest named Father Prudent instructed my father in Roman Catholic doctrine. 

The wedding ceremony was strictly Roman Catholic. It will be noted that Mary, the bride, wore a sari-like regalia.

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