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Ashok Khanna has a B.Sc. (Econ) from London University, an MBA and PhD from Stanford. He has worked with Deloitte Touche (London, New York), taught at New York University's Stern Graduate School of Business, and worked for more than 25 years for the World Bank. He got his first chance to travel out of India when he was seventeen and has not stopped traveling since. In 1998, he began to sporadically write travelogues for friends. These essays increased over time as he traveled more after retiring, and also cover other interests.  Bloomsbury will publish his book on Emperor Ashoka in India in 2019.

Center, family retainer.  Right, Brindaban Nath Khanna, my paternal grandfather sitting on chair with my father, Mohan Lall Khanna, on his lap. Left, my father's sister (my aunt). Lahore. 1910

y grandfather was meticulously hard working. It was said in the family that one could tell what time it was by seeing what he was doing.

My maternal grandfather, with my mother Sushila. Meerut. c. 1920.

My maternal uncle. Meerut. c. 1925-30

Roshanara Club, New Delhi. 1945.

My father, Mohan Lall Khanna is second from the left in the standing row of men\; my mother, Sushila Khanna is second on the left of the cricket bats and my sister Roop is to her left.

Extended family. Malhotra Residence, Kanpur, 1950. 
My father, Mohan Lall Khanna is seated at the extreme left\; my mother Sushila Khanna is seated third from the right\; my sister Roop is standing third from the right and her husband Kailash is to her left\; I am the fourth boy from the left seated on the ground.  The occasion is the wedding of one of my cousins seated in the center.


© Ashok Khanna.    Published July 2019.

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