Gulab Bhojwani: A Martyr of the 1962 War

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Editor's note: This is an effort to remember the members of the Indian Armed Forces who died in the 1962 war with China. The complete list of the Indian Army personnel who died in the 1962 war is available here (under creation).

We invite their family members, friends, colleagues and others who knew them to send us their recollections about the martyrs.There is no pre-set format. Could include photos, scan, poems, whatever, all Indian languages OK. There will be a separate page for each person. Please send all materials to This is an ongoing effort, and information will be added as it becomes available to us.

This page is for Gulab Bhojwani


Gulab Chimandas Bhojwani

Name: Gulab Chimandas Bhojwani
Service: Indian Army
Unit/Corps: Army Ordnance Corps
Rank: 2/Lt
Service No: 13813
Born: dd Month 19yy
Commissioned: dd Month 19yy
Recorded date of death: 21 November 1962

Contributions from family

Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani - IAF (Retd) writes

2/Lt Gulab Bhojwani (Army Ordnance Corps) was a member of my family. He was declared MIA (Missing in Action), presumed killed, during the 1962 operations in the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency - now Arunanchal Pradesh) sector just three months after being commissioned at the Indian Military Aademy.

Contributions from friends and colleagues


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