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Subodh Mathur was born in Alwar, and educated in Jaipur, Delhi, and Cambridge, USA. He taught Economics for one year (1972-73) at Rajasthan University, Jaipur, and later (1981-88) at American University, Washington, D.C. He has been an independent consultant since 1988, occasionally teaching Economics at the American University, D.C. He lives with his wife, Anuradha Deolalikar in a suburb of Washington, D.C. In his spare time, he is an avid gardener, and the editor of this website.

My father's name was Khem Chand. He did not use Mathur, a sub-caste identifier, as his last name. He was born in 1911 in Alwar, which was a Princely State at that time. He attended St. Stephen's College in Delhi.

Stephens 4-th year class

In the last row, at the extreme right is Prof. Spear, an accomplished historian of modern Indian social history who had a great influence on my father.

On the chairs, in the centre, is Winsor sahib (as my father called him) (lecturer in English and History, 1928-35), a linguist who knew many languages.

My father also talked about Prof. Young, who taught English and was editor of the St. Stephen's Magazine (later The Stephanian) at the time.

historical society


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