India’s First Commercial Passenger Train Journey

Bombay Gazette


Editor's note: This story describes India's first commercial train journey. However, according to trains were used prior to this for hauling cargo.

The Indian Government has released two postage stamps that commemorate this event.

Centenary of Indian Railways 1953

The above stamp was issued in 1953. It purports to show the engine used in 1853, but this contested here

Engine used in 1853 train

The above stamp was issued in 1976. The term GIP refers to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company, which owned and operated the train. The postage stamp shows the engine used in 1853.

The following report is from an Australian newspaper, apparently relying on a newspaper published from Mumbai called Bombay Gazette. A detailed search failed to find a news report in the Times, London, and the New York Times.

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