My 1947 Box Camera Selfie

Sangat Singh


Born in 1933 in Dijkot, a small hamlet in district Lyallpur (now Faisalabad, Pakistan), I came after about eight attempts, including miscarriages. I grew up in Lyallpur as a pampered child. At the age of five, I was sent to nearby one roomed primary school where spartan old Jute Hessian bags (borian) were used for mats.  I refused to study there, and was enrolled in Sacred Heart Convent School for the next 9 years.  After getting his college degree in India, he moved to Singapore in 1954, and then to Malaysia in 1957, where he worked for Guthrie &amp\; Co., a large Scottish plantation company. He retired in 1988. He lives in Malaysia with his wife.  More about him at this link.


In 1947, my family lived in Lyallpur before shifting to India at the time of partition.

Even though I was only 14 years old, I had become deeply interested in photography. By then I had already learned how to develop and print pictures.

My first photography Guru was Lat of Lat Photo just opposite Jatinder Ji's house in Goal Bazar that was also mentioned by Jatinder Ji in My Memories of Lyallpur.

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