My College Days Memories—Sweet &Sour, Cardinal leaving their Ghosla in New Delhi going to Blue Jay Ghosla at Johns Hopkins Univ.

Satinder Mullick



Satinder Mullick received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in 1965 in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, with a minor in Economics. He was Director of Economic Planning and Research for Corning Inc., where he worked on different consulting assignments for improving growth and profitability for 30 years. Later, he helped turn around Artistic Greetings (40% owned by American Greetings) and doubled the stock price in four years. He received Lybrand Silver Medal in 1971 from Institute of Management Accountants.

In life, you make friends and accumulate memories. Some go their different ways, but again meet later and become close. That is what I experienced since July 1953 after finishing my higher secondary (first year of Intermediate Science (I.Sc.) in Delhi.

Up to higher secondary, I enjoyed the home cooking of my mother. Then I moved to Banaras for 2nd year of I.Sc. in Central Hindu College in Kamaccha, Banaras,  which used to be Annie Besant College. It was a branch of Banaras Hindu University. I was assigned to live in King Edward (KE) Hostel. The College Principal was Mr. Lalwani, brother-in-law of Acharya Kripalani, a famous freedom fighter and former President of All India Congress Committee. Kikiben, sister of Acharya Kripalani, was our Principal's wife. She was a freedom fighter in Karachi, and following footsteps of her brother,  was jailed. The Principal came to know me as he liked to play table tennis with me.

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