My Nanaji: A Sublime Extremist

Gaurav Mathur

Gaurav Mathur, 41 lives in Ahmedabad with his wife, Poonam, and son Saksham. He practises law. He did his schooling at Jaipur and Ahmedabad after which he completed his graduation in BA (Hons) Economic from University of Rajasthan and law from MLB Arts and Commerce College, Gwalior.

Editor's note: Prof. Brij Mohan Lal Bhatnagar, M.A., M. (Com) was born on 30th December, 1914 at Khurja, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He retired as Principal, Government College, Dausa, District Dausa, Rajasthan. He passed away on 25.8.1994.

Prof. B M L Bhatnagar

Prof. Bhatnagar

His grip on my hand tightened. I was enjoying what I heard but the increasing pressure demanded my attention. He was immersed in his enjoyment. Ahmad Hussain and Mohammad Hussain reached the makta (Makta is the last couplet of a Ghazal where the poet usually makes a reference to himself in a unique way and lends his poetry, which is otherwise a general comment, a personal touch) of Daanish Alagiri's Ghazal that was playing. Ahmad Hussain, after rendering the misra (First line of a Urdu couplet) with many a variation within the Raga, was crooning "..... usko meri aakhon ki putliyaan samajhti hain"

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