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Colonel Nawal Singh Rajawat – Vir Chakra

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Editor's note: Colonel Rajawat, who lives in Jaipur, is one of the strong and silent men of the Indian Army. This story has been compiled by Subhash Mathur, who lives in Jaipur. We welcome additional materials about Colonel Rajawat - pre-Army, in-Army, and post-Army times - from relatives, friends, colleagues and other people who know him. We also welcome similar materials - for separate stories - about other heroes and martyrs of the Indian Armed Forces, provided the time of the event was at least 30 years ago. Our contact is

Name: Nawal Singh Rajawat
Service: Indian Army Infantry
Unit/Corps: Rajput Regiment
Final Rank: Colonel
Date of Award: 05 December 1971
Born: 07 November 1946

Nawal Singh Rajawat was commissioned in 1967 from Indian Military Academy into 17th battalion, the Rajput Regiment. While at the Academy he was awarded the Rajputana Rifles Gold Medal for tactical ability leadership and initiative

After commissioning, Nawal saw his first operational service in the Mizo hills in encounters against the insurgents.

Naval Singh Rajawat is a true warrior in the highest traditions and spirits of a "RAJPUT" soldier. He exhibited extreme bravery in leading the  men of his  Commando Company during the capture of 7r in Dera Baba Nanak [Punjab] enclave on 5 December 1971 during the Indo-Pak war.

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