Father Pinto

Shakespeare, Dickens and My Talisman

Subhash Mathur


Subhash Mathur,who studied at St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur, is a resident of Jaipur after superannuation from Indian Revenue Service in 2007. Presently, Subhash is engaged in social and charitable work in rural areas. Subhash is also Editor of http://www.inourdays.org/, an online portal for preserving work related memories.

Many a school student has a to ‘Sir with Love' figure from the school faculty. Unlike the movie, such reverence dawns upon the student much later when he reflects upon his journey in life. For that, he takes off his tinted glasses and Eureka! His world view undergoes a huge paradigm shift.

In this sea change of altered prism, a devilish teacher begins to appear as benign and the one who shaped your Destiny. The hated one becomes the loved one. You suddenly begin to realise that the qualities of a hard task master and a perfectionist have become your cherished values also.

My world view changed somewhat along the ‘To Sir with Love' scenario when I came of age in my profession.

And this is the story of our toughie English Teacher Rev. Father D. Pinto S.J.

Father Pinto
Rev. Father D. Pinto, S. J. St. Xavier's School, Jaipur. Mid-1960s.

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