Our Beloved RJZ 2 Hillman Car

Subhash Mathur



Subhash Mathur is a resident of Jaipur after superannuation from Indian Revenue Service in 2007. Presently, Subhash is engaged in social and charitable work in rural areas. Subhash is also Editor of http://www.inourdays.org/, an online portal for preserving work related memories.

In 1969, I had the privilege of driving Morarji Desai, who later became India's Prime Minister, in our beloved family car: the Hillman. In a manner of speaking it was an iconic moment in my life. I have written a detailed account of driving Morarji Desai in the Hillman in My meetings with the Prime Minister when he was out of power

In the 1960s/70s owning a car was prestige itself. As most cars were owned by the rich and powerful they were usually driven by drivers, better own as chauffeurs. Most of the chauffeurs were liveried too, white or navy blue.

Those days employment meant lifetime service with that particular family. They usually became all-rounders and were often dubbed as Man Friday. There was lot of pride in being associated with rich or powerful families. These chauffeurs spent better part of the day and evening with the family. Other family members of Man Friday also got employment with the family as a gardener or a chowkidar or dog caretakers and so on.

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