Man Singh

Who was that visitor?

Sadhona Debi Chatterji


Sadhona Debi Chatterji was born in October 1931 in Calcutta to Hari Prasad and Subarna Bannerjee. She did her matriculation, and got married to Birendra Kumar Chatterji in June 1948. She has a son and a daughter. Her husband, like her father, was in the Imperial Bank of India, which later became the State Bank of India. Her husband retired as Chairman UCO Bank in 1984, and passed away in 1989.

She has had a tremendous interest in national and world affairs, with her own opinions on many issues. She is an avid reader. She has been a popular and well-loved person among the family and a very large circle of friends. Even at the age of 85 and ailing, she got phone calls from all over the world. She passed away in 2015.

Editor's note: Sadhona Chatterji wrote this note in her diary in the 2002. It has been typed and provided by her son in 2018.

When we were in Bhopal in the early 1970s, a friend of ours [likely this was Tarun Kumar Bhaduri, who wrote a book in Bengali Abhishapath Chamba], who had written a book about the dacoits of Chambal a few years earlier, used to relate an interesting story.

Sometime in the early 1950s, he was touring around that area to collect information about those dacoits, particularly about the famous and the notorious dacoit of that time, the legendary Man Singh.

One evening after a whole day of hard work, our friend came back to the dak-bungalow he was staying at and was relaxing with a drink and a book in the sitting room of the dak-bungalow.

It was a cold winter night, and outside it became dark very soon.

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