Watermelon Rind Doddak

Preeti Gurung


Veg, Breakfast, Mild, Western Coastal Region

Preeti Gurung

Preeti Gurung was born in post-Independence India. Since my father was in the Army, I grew up in Cantonment Towns all over North India. Now, I live in the US with my daughter and two delightful grandchildren. I retired in early 2013, and am enjoying being a Soccer (grand) mom to my grandchildren.  I volunteer in the Middle School/High School Marching Band Parents Association and in the Junior Girl Scouts. I have revitalized my green thumb. I make dishes from all over the world and enjoy reading. I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement after having worked for 40 years!

I come from a community known as Bhanaps (in Konkani) from the Chitrapur Math of Shirali, a town in the North Kanara District of Karnataka.

Bhanaps are one of the six Saraswat Brahmins  sects in south western India. We also call ourselves Amchi or Amchigele. We speak a version of Konkani which differs from the Goan Konkani.

We are an extremely small community with less than 30,000 Bhanaps worldwide. Our community is 100% literate, and very liberal in their views.

Our food is very distinctive. Coconut plays a major part in both our food and worship.

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